How to compile Nodogsplash


Install libmicrohttpd including the header files (often call -dev package).

git clone
cd nodogsplash

If you installed the libmicrohttpd to another location (e.g. /tmp/libmicrohttpd_install/) replace path in the make call with

make CFLAGS="-I/tmp/libmicrohttpd_install/include" LDFLAGS="-L/tmp/libmicrohttpd_install/lib"

After compiling you can call make install to install nodogsplash to /usr/


To compile nodogsplash please use the package definition from the feeds package.

git clone git://
cd openwrt
./scripts/feeds update
./scripts/feeds install
./scripts/feeds install nodogsplash

Select the appropriate “Target System” and “Target Profile” in the menuconfig menu and build the image.

make defconfig
make menuconfig