Not all features are finished or working as properly or as efficiently as they should. Other features have not been thought of yet!

Features should be aimed at providing tools to allow NDS to be used as flexible Captive Portal engine, rather than building in specific solutions.

Here is a list of things that need to be improved:

  • While (un-) block/trust/allow via the ndsctl tool take effect, the state object of the client in NDS is not affected.

    Both systems still need to be connected (in src/auth.c).

  • Include blocked and trusted clients in the client list - so that they can be managed.

  • Extend Status processing to display a page when a user’s authentication is rejected, e.g. because the user exceeded a quota or is blocked etc.

  • Implement Traffic control on a user by user basis. This functionality was originally available but has been broken for many years.

  • The code in src/http_microhttpd.c has evolved from previous versions and possibly has some missed edge cases. It would benefit from a rewrite to improve maintainability as well as performance.

  • ip version 6 is not currently supported by NDS. It is not essential or advantageous to have in the short term but should be added at some time in the future.

  • Automatic Offline mode. Either for forced offline use, or automatic detection of a failed Internet feed could be implemented. Some thought and discussion has been put into this and it is quite possible to achieve.