How to Compile Nodogsplash


The Libmicrohttpd library is a dependency of NoDogSplash so you must first iInstall libmicrohttpd including the header files (often called -dev package). Then proceed to download the NoDogSplash source files:

git clone
cd nodogsplash

If you installed the libmicrohttpd to another location (e.g. /tmp/libmicrohttpd_install/) replace path in the make call with

make CFLAGS="-I/tmp/libmicrohttpd_install/include" LDFLAGS="-L/tmp/libmicrohttpd_install/lib"

After compiling you can call make install to install NoDogSplash to /usr/

Making a Package for Installation

OpenWrt Package

To compile NoDogSplash and create its installable package, please use the package definition from the feeds package.

git clone git://
cd openwrt
./scripts/feeds update
./scripts/feeds install
./scripts/feeds install nodogsplash

Select the appropriate “Target System” and “Target Profile” in the menuconfig menu and build the image.

make defconfig
make menuconfig

Debian Package

First you must compile NoDogSplash as described above for Linux/Unix. Then run the command:

make deb